How It All Started

The SLAPPA Story

In 2002 company President Dominick Martinetti, was unable to find a disc storage solution he felt was suitable for his personal collection, so he developed the idea for the SLAPPA HardBody PRO disc cases and had a factory make a few units for his personal use. Dominick showed his new cases to a few friends and based on their enthusiastic reaction he then realized he had a product others wanted. In June of 2003 SLAPPA was launched into the market via SLAPPA’s first website, and that started a journey where the brand has clearly established itself as a uniquely innovative and highly acclaimed. SLAPPA first attacked the CD and DVD storage market with a laser focus on building the ultimate CD storage cases and DVD storage cases. SLAPPA designed and received a patent for the revolutionary d2 pocket system and launched SLAPPA’s HardBody PRO disc storage cases, which were immediately adopted by niche audiophile circles and the DJ and Pro-Audio world. Looking to further advance disc storage solutions, the company then scored another patent with its d2i slide-n-lock pages, enabling each page “square” to attach and separate from one another, providing the most flexible disc storage system on the market. SLAPPA’s HardBody PRO line of CD and DVD disc storage cases have won countless awards and have repeatedly been recognized as the best disc storage system in the market.

In 2005 SLAPPA then set its sights on building the ultimate laptop backpacks and cases, and launched its Velocity Spyder laptop backpack and its HardBody PRO Laptop cases. The company found immediate success amongst travelers and gamers who wanted serious protection and unique styling for their laptops. As the companies product line expanded, so did its distribution. In 2006 the company launched its second website, and expanded into 8 international markets. In 2009 SLAPPA made great strides further broadening its product line, launching products to meet specific needs of gamers and women. The company leveraged its expertise of EVA case manufacturing, and introduced protective cases for PSP, Nintendo DS and netbooks. Additionally the company signed partnership agreements with the two best LAN Gaming teams in the world, Fnatic and SK Gaming. 2010 marks a year of further transformation and innovation for SLAPPA.

The company continues to push the creative boundaries of the bag and case market, launching its patented M.A.S.K. Backpack and M.A.S.K. Shoulder bags which enable users to customize the inside and outside. As part of the M.A.S.K. launch, SLAPPA also introduced its Visual Impact Artist collections; products that feature the work of artists from around the globe. The company further expanded its distribution launching, and becoming available in 13 markets. Approaching its 7th anniversary, the company has now been acclaimed by more than 200 audio and gadget publications.

SLAPPA still focuses on its 3 founding principles:

  1. build products that offer ultimate protection
  2. mix unique and highly tactile materials to insure the products exude a rich feel
  3. provide “bend over backwards” customer service. We continue to do work very hard to build the absolute best products and provide the absolute best service.

We continue to do work very hard to build the absolute best products and provide the absolute best service. If you ever have any ideas or feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , because we are still ALWAYS LISTENING.


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SLAPPA's line of CD cases, DVD cases, laptop cases, netbook sleeves, backpacks, trolleys, messenger bags, daypacks, mens and womens laptop bags, headphone cases, gamer cases and iPad cases are made with the highest quality materials, unique designs and patented technologies that together "break the mold" in a category flooded with otherwise mundane products. We always strive to make each customer experience perfect and welcome suggestions on how we could get better.

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