d2i CD Storage Box Divider Set

45( 2 )

AUD13.63 each

10 items in stock


* 10 plastic dividers per pack
* 10 labeling stickers for dividers

Our d2i CD Storage Box Dividers are great additions to your d2i CD collection. They organize your collection in the 420 Disc CD Crate when you travel. The d2i pages can conveniently be swapped in and out of any d2i cd wallet. Whether you want to grab a few discs on the way out the door for your 40 cd wallet, three whole boxes for your 420 CD Crate or fill up an entire shelf with your collection, the d2i CD Storage Boxes will keep your discs handy.

- Boxes ship with dust cover (d2i and d3i pages must be purchased separately)
- Holds at least 35 d2i/d3i pages or 29 plastic jewel cases

Slappa is a world leader in innovative CD storage solutions. Our Patented CD cases, CD Sleeves and CD Storage Solutions are renowned for being the most stylish, versatile and durable in the industry. We are passionate about providing our customers with the very best CD Storage Solutions in the market and we are always improving our product offering. Our CD Cases, CD Sleeves and and CD Storage Solutions come with a 180-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective products.

SLAPPA first attacked the CD and DVD storage market with a laser focus on building the ultimate CD and DVD storage cases and solutions. SLAPPA designed and received a patent for the revolutionary d2 pocket system and launched SLAPPA's HardBody PRO CD/DVD storage cases, which were immediately adopted by niche audiophile circles and the DJ and Pro-Audio world. Looking to further advance disc storage solutions, the company then scored another CD storage patent with its d2i slide-n-lock pages, enabling each page "square" to attach and separate from one another, providing the most flexible disc storage system on the market. SLAPPA's HardBody PRO line of CD and DVD cases have won countless awards and have repeatedly been recognized as the best disc storage system in the market.

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